Welcome to Just Pondering

Welcome to Just Pondering

Welcome to Just Pondering

Welcome to Clearpond’s new blog “Just Pondering” and thank you for reading our first blog with many more to come!
In our blog we will be discussing topics such as seasonal pond care, water features, lake management, fountain technology and everything in between so whether you have a small backyard pond, a koi pond, a dam or a lake on a golf course, our blogs will have something for everyone and we hope you will learn something new with every article which will enable you to care and manage your water feature.
With our inaugural blog we would like to introduce ourselves; who we are, what we do and what we will be blogging about as well as where our blog title comes from!

At Clearpond we often have meetings to discuss new products and market trends, relay customer and stockist feedback and to just bounce ideas off each other, it was in one these brain storming sessions that we came up with our blog name “Just Pondering” (Well, that and we like the name!).

A brief introduction to Clearpond: 
From humble beginnings, working out of a small shed on a family fish farm, Clearpond has evolved into a leading importer & wholesaler in Australia & New Zealand that creates, manages and enhances aquatic environments. Specialising in water gardens, aquatics, aquariums, lake management, and commercial fountain technology & garden décor, we have been operating to world class standards since 1992 and are the market leader in the decorative & water quality management industries. 

Clearpond is proud to be the exclusive Australian & New Zealand distributor for world renowned aquatic brands, including OASE Living Water of Germany, Eden of Italy, Otterbine Barebo Inc of USA and Universal Rock from the USA.
In conjunction with these brands, Clearpond provides a vast array of complimentary products through our own speciality brands such as Decorus, Aquagarden & Clearpond. 

From initial concept & design through to the  supply of the most suitable products, Clearpond has developed itself into an international player that is focused towards eco-friendly solutions for your domestic, industrial or commercial project. 
Clearpond’s staff not only have extensive knowledge and experience in aquarium and pond keeping but we also have a strong focus and involvement in specialised fields such as aquaponics, aquaculture and fountain technology as well as dam and lake management. 
Just our head office staff alone have over 80 years combined experience in these fields!

We have staff with degrees in Aquaculture and Laboratory Techniques and with staff participating in courses such as dam and lake liner installation, aeration and fountain pump servicing and fountain technology training we are constantly updating our knowledge to maintain ourselves as the industry leader. 
We employ a part time graphic designer who designs our price lists, catalogues and other merchandise and we also hire a SEO management firm and website specialists to help with our online presence.

In fact we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk with Clearpond staff keeping aquariums, ponds and aquaponic systems and in the next few months we will be designing and installing a lake for our managing director! 
Ponds, dams and lakes are our world and we look forward to helping you make them your world too or at the very least, help make your water world better!
Thank you for visiting and reading our blog, we hope you enjoy it, please feel free to browse through our website and if you have any questions or suggestion please e-mail us at enquiries@clearpond.com.au