Welcome to Spring 2017

Welcome to Spring 2017

Welcome to Spring 2017

It’s time for a spring clean! Now that the weather is warming up, it’s a good idea to venture out into the sunshine and see how your pond is going. In spring, the water begins to warm, it is AN important time to inspecting and clean your pump and filters during the warmer months. Therefore, if your UVC globe is older than 12 months, now is a good time to replace it as although it still works, after 12 months they lose their efficiency and will no longer be effective in controlling green water algae.

Pond Plants, that are now too large for their pots, can be divided and potted. In addition, any dead lily bulbs, can be removed and discarded, extra leaves and other debris that have fallen into your pond during the winter storms should be removed. Excess fish that have appeared over summer, are now larger in size, it’s probably a great idea to be given to family and friends or sold to pay for fish food etc.

The “Oase Pondovac” is a convenient way to vacuum unsightly silt, sludge and leaves from the bottom of your pond. Thanks to the patented twin chamber system, it is possible to vacuum continuously without interruption. 4 useful nozzles are provided to clean into every corner of the pond. A powerful 1700 watt motor allows even deep water to be cleaned successfully with a maximum suction depth of 2.4 metres. 

Spring Night time
The “Pondovac 5” is bigger brother to the “Pondovac 5” and features the ability to pump waste water over height differentials, a suction depth of 2.5 metres and a maximum flow rate of 8000 l/hr. The newest release in the “Pondovac” range is the “Pondovac Premium” featuring a massive 1500 watts in Power and due to its 20,000- l/hr suction power, it is ideal for garden ponds, pools, swim ponds and other commercial applications.

Normally, waste water is simply discharged onto the garden and is an excellent organic fertiliser, especially good on flower beds. If removing larger particles from the pond, use the mesh bag to catch the particles and recycle the water. The “Pondovac range is also excellent for removing residual silt from the bottom of filter systems. 

 Spring Pond There is also a smaller version than the “Pondovac 4” called a “Pondovac Classic” this vacuum can be used as a wet vacuum for the pond and household. It features, a 27-litre storage “wastewater tank” with an automatic activation and emptying through clever motor control. This vacuum, is ideal for the home, pond, gardener, and comes complete with hoses, attachments and filter bags.

 As the weather begins to get warmer as summer approaches you may notice your fish begin to swim around a lot more and chase each other, this is how goldfish and koi breed! 

Male fish will be more active, chase the females around the pond, and eggs, will be fertilised on pond, weeds, and generally scattered around the pond.

Goldfish males develop small white lumps on their gills and head, these are called "breeding tubercles" and only appear during breeding season, koi, however, can be sexed all year round by their fins, males have pointier pectoral fins, while a female’s pectoral fins are more rounded. Butterfly koi are a bit more difficult to sex due to their long fins on both males and females!

Spring Quick tip: Spring is a perfect time to get your pond up and running, or give your pond a good clean before summer arrives.