Summer is here!

Summer is here!

Summer is here!
Winter and spring are now over!
While we have been enjoying some excellent winter and spring rains, we can now look forward to summer. The start of summer is the time to do those last minute jobs before summer really hits and one of the most often delayed or missed jobs is the replacement of your UVC (Ultra Violet Clarifier) lamp.
A UVC lamp should be replaced every year as after this time although the lamp still works, it loses its efficiency and this can cause green water algae to grow as well as leave your fish vulnerable to diseases. Clearpond stocks Philips branded UVC lamps which have an efficiency rating of approximately 9000 hours; much more than other brands, with Philips, your lamp won’t need to be replaced as often, saving you both time and money. 

We must be mindful of our ponds and fish in the heat of summer so ensuring there is plenty of oxygen in your pond is essential; making sure any waterfalls and fountain sprays are flowing well and are not blocked and making sure the discharge pipe from your filter is creating plenty of splash when it returns the water to the pond will all help increase the oxygen levels in your pond. 
Also with the increase in temperature it is wise to keep an eye on your fish for signs of a lack of oxygen in the pond, fish gasping at the surface especially at sun-up is a sure sign that oxygen may be lacking in the pond. Just don’t mistake this behaviour for your fish wanting to be fed or vice versa! 
If your pond is in full sun, erecting a shade sail or umbrella over it will help to keep it cool which will allow the pond water to hold more oxygen.
Placing waterlilies and other pond plants in and around your pond will also help keep the water cool by shading the water underneath from the harsh sun as well as providing refuge for your fish from predators.

Summer can wreak havoc on a pond but there are a few things you can do to help ease your pond into the heat of summer. Two of the biggest concerns for ponds over summer is lack of oxygen and the filtration not coping with the extra bio-load of the pond produced by an increase in the metabolism of the pond’s inhabitants.
Oase's range of Aqua Oxy air pumps and Clearpond's range of Linear Diaphragm Air Pumps can easily deliver oxygen to the depths of the pond not only adding oxygen to the water but also creating water circulation via the turbulence that the rising air bubbles create. 
Filtration aids such as Clearpond Bacteria and Clearpond Biostarter can give filtration a much needed boost as the hot weather sets in, extra bacteria added to the filter means that as the fishes metabolism speeds up and more food is eaten and therefore more waste is produced the bacteria is able to keep up with these increases in filtration load.

Evaporation of the pond increases in summer and remember when topping the pond up to use Clearpond Pond Start to remove chlorine from the tap water to make it safe for fish. Topping up occasionally is fine but as the water evaporates minerals such as calcium and salt stay in the water affecting the pump and filters performance so a water change is recommended to reduce this build up. Water changes also reduce nitrate and help the fish grow and breed. 

Regular checking and maintenance of your pond and pond equipment year round will ensure you do not have a major catastrophe when the pond is likely to be under more stress in summer and having a regular maintenance schedule will mean you can sit down and enjoy your pond without any worry!

Summer Quick Tip: Keep an eye on your pond in summer; when it’s hot, your pond needs extra attention to make sure it runs smoothly.