Lake Management

Lake Management Services Provided

We are pleased to provide a range of on-site consultancy & on-site after sales services including:

Lake Management

  • On-site aquatic consultancy (Domestic, Commercial & Industrial).
  • Design assistance & problem solving for industrial, commercial and domestic installations.
  • Aquatic disease identification.
  • Algae & aquatic weed identification and eradication solutions.
  • On-going recommendations and advice.
  • Assistance in clearing muddy dams.
  • Recommendation of long term solutions not “bandaid fixes”.
  • Fish death prevention.
  • Mosquito and midge reduction and control.
  • Management of lake nutrient.
  • Lake aeration and fountain specification.
  • Prevention of “Thermal Stratification”.
  • Recommendations for increasing dissolved oxygen (DO) in the lake.
  • Elimination of lake smells and preventing stagnant lakes.

    Lake Management

    Clearpond prides itself in providing the most up-to-date, innovative & effective advice on making your lake clean, healthy & clear. Certified aquaculturists and experienced lake management consultants will assist in providing you the correct information and the correct product recommendation right from the start saving you effort, time & money.

    Terms & Conditions:
    Further to Clearpond’s normal trading terms & conditions.
    1) All consultancies’ must be prepaid before a booking can be taken.
    2) No products or parts are included in the callout costs; these will be an extra charge.
    3) There is no guarantee, implied or expressed, that the technician will be able to fix the equipment on site. The equipment may be required to be returned to Clearpond for further work where additional costs can be incurred.
    4) For any item to be deemed a warranty all conditions above must be met, call out fees will still apply.

    Please note that not all of the above services are available Australia wide. Please contact your local Clearpond Account Manager or our head office on (Free call) 1800 222 010 to discuss your requirements, we can then provide you with an estimate of the costs involved. .

    Lake Management