Subair System in Humphris Nursery

Clearpond Subair Aeration System 16000 at Humphris Nursery - VICTORIA


Subair 16000 - Humphris Nursery
In February 2015, Humphris Nursery a wholesale plant grower in Melbourne contacted Clearpond regarding issues with their main holding dam.

The 6200 square meter, 6 megalitre dam which varies in depth to 6m was having issues with Blanketweed outbreaks due to the nutrient rich run off from fertilisers used on their plants.

This Blanketweed/String Algae was causing problems by blocking up the pump intake.

The Solution
With the depth of the dam being up to 6 metres, Clearpond recommended the Subair 16,000 Aeration System powering four double air diffusers to provide the best functional system for the application.

The diffusers were spaced around the dam increasing aerobic activity in turn reducing the nutrient build up.
Subair 16000 - Humphris Nursery


Product Information: - Subair Aeration System 16000
The Subair 16000 Aeration Station is ideal for dams and lakes where aeration is required to provide oxygen to the deep areas of the water body to solve any thermal stratification issues as well as enable sludge eating bacteria to thrive in the now oxygen rich deeper layers of the lake provided by the air diffusers. As the 16,000 set comes complete with four double air diffusers it is perfect for lakes where there is not only varying depths but also a large surface area ensuring an even oxygen content throughout the lake.

Each system is an easy to install package, ready for you to connect. This Subair 16000 System comes with a multi-valve outlet assembly, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and 4 x EPDM2 double air diffuser assemblies. As each installation will require differing amounts of airline, Clearpond does not include any Self Weighted PVC Airline with the system, as this can be cut to length when the system is ordered.

Subair 16000 - Humphris Nursery
This system will improve water quality and clarity, improves Oxygen levels and increase bacterial action and will also eliminate thermal stratification – the mixing action of the diffusers creates more uniform water temperatures and promotes healthier fish.

1. Improvement of water quality and clarity.
2. Improved Oxygen levels.
3. Increased bacterial action.
4. Eliminates thermal stratification - Mixing action creates more uniform water temperatures.
5. Promote healthier fish.



Aerates Max Pond / Lake
Size up to:
4000 Sets
12000 Sets
16000 Sets
 2.5m Deep 1000m2  3000m2  4000m2 
 3.5m Deep  2000m2  6000m2  8000m2
 5m Deep  4000m2  12000m2  16000m2


Testimonial from Humphris Nursery
We decided to install the ‘Subair’ aeration system in our dam due to a large infestation of blanket weed/stringy algae that was covering the entire surface area of our water supply during spring through to autumn. This infestation was subsequently blocking our pumps and filters, we also wanted to improve the oxygen level in our dam.
Our dam is approximately 60meg in capacity but through the summer months as water level drops it develops a large shelf of shallow water in full sun, this creates a mass of warm water ideal for algae growth.

Using the ‘Subair’ to help circulate cold water to the top as well as oxygenating the water we have seen less algae this year than previously, the entire system was very easy to install in a large dam like ours.

James Parsons
Production Manager
Humphris Nursery
218 – 220 Cardigan Rd
Mooroolbark, Vic 3138
Phone: (03) 9761 9688
Fax: (03) 9728 6763


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