Proliner at Argyle Diamond Mine

Clearpond 100 series EPDM Proliner- Argyle Diamond Mine


Argyle Display Pond
In April 2010, Clearpond supplied and installed "Clearpond 100 series EPDM Proliner" to Argyle Diamond Mine for their mess hall display pond.

The project was to reline the existing pond due to degradation of the old HDPE liner that had been installed with an overlay of geo-fabric.

The project required 1800m2 of liner and underlay and the job was completed in 2 weeks as extensive ground works was required to the modify the existing site as the client changed the pond layout to provide a better view of the pond for staff when they were dining in the mess hall.
The Solution
Due to the degradation of the existing HDPE liner, Clearpond provided and installed 1800m2 of Clearpond 100 series Proliner.
Proliner was chosen for this project due to the many unique features it has over HDPE liner which made this type of liner more economical and suitable to use for this project than other liner types.

- Installation: in large projects EPDM will have installation speeds of 2-3 times that of HDPE. This is due to the “QuickSeam” methods that allow quicker seaming (joining) of the liner and as EPDM liners are not subject to thermal expansion like HDPE liners, it can therefore be installed in a wide range of temperatures; anywhere from -20C to +50C! Temperature does not affect joining EPDM liners, as it does with HDPE welding, ensuring quality joins in all temperature conditions.
Argyle Diamond Mine

- Longevity: Proliner 100 series is backed by a 30 year warranty.

- Durability: EPDM is a synthetic rubber compound composing of cross linked carbon chains. There is over 22% carbon black resulting in extremely high UV durability. EPDM is elastic and will stretch beyond 300% elongation before failing, this compares to 10-12% for HDPE. Because EPDM is elastic, it can stretch without compromising the membrane all the way to its failure point. The likely deformation limit for HDPE will be around 3%.

- EPDM Proliner seams are also incredibly strong, unlike HDPE where the weld is the most common point of failure. EPDM does not contain plastics and does not oxidise like HDPE therefore the seams are stronger and more resilient.
Argyle Display Pond
- Ease of maintenance: where damage occurs, EPDM Proliner can easily be patched, this can be done by the client and requires no technical equipment or specialised personnel. This is different to HDPE where a qualified welding crew would need to be contracted to complete the repairs. EPDM can also be repaired across its full life. This is in contrast to HDPE which after time will become brittle and can no longer be welded.

- Safety: EPDM has a high friction angle. Staff or animals can generally walk on wet batters (slope of dam walls) at a ratio of 2:1. This is important for safety in a completed project and it is also important during construction/installation as the risks of slipping is rapidly reduced.

Argyle Display Pond
Argyle Display Pond
Argyle Display Pond


Clearpond Series 100 EPDM Proliner
Clearpond Series 100 EPDM and HPDE Comparisons
Exposed Conditions – Pond Lining Systems

Design Consideration

Material EPDM

~ 1.0 mm


1.50 mm

Resistance to Sunlight (Exposed Conditions) E E
Resistance to Stress Cracking E F
Resistance to Cracking (all causes considered) E F
Resistance to Heat (Hot, Arid Climates) G G
Resistance to Thermal Expansion/Contraction E P
Resistance to Organic Wastewater/Soil Environment E E
Ease of Panel Installation G G
Ease of Field Seaming (Owner Friendly) G P
Ease of Attachment to Appurtenances G G
Ease of Field Repair Procedures E P
Low Temperature Installations E F
Low Temperature Brittleness (Seam Area) E F
Conformance to Substrates E P
Resistance to Puncture G F
General Lay Flat Characteristics E P
Resistance to Installation Damage (Field Handling) G F
Resistance to Installation Wrinkles E P
Resistance to Installation Tightness G F
Resistance to Soil Slippage (Surface Friction) E P
Adhesive Bonding to Concrete Structures E NR
Overall Long Term Durability E E
Average Cost per mil thickness/sq. ft. G E
Overall Comparative Rating
G to E F to G


                       Ratings: E = Excellent, G = Good, F = Fair, P = Poor, NR = Not Recommended

Argyle Display Pond
Argyle Display Pond


Argyle Display Pond
Argyle Display Pond


The Team
Argyle Diamond Mine, Western Australia

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