Otterbine on the Avon

Otterbine 15HP Giant Fountains- Avon River, Shire of Northam, Western Australia


In December 2013, Clearpond was approached by the Shire of Northam to provide fountain style aeration for the “Town Pool” which forms part of the Avon River system.

The “Pool” itself is a large body of water/lake which had a number of issues including –
- High salinity levels.
- Low oxygen levels during summer.
- High weed content, year round but mainly during summer.
- Sedimentation.
- Potentially high river flows into the pool in the winter months.

The area for the location of the fountains would be approximately 2 metres deep, however the entire water body would not be that depth all of the time due to evaporation. The site managers had previously installed four 1.5 HP aerators however they had not been successful - it appears that the main issue for them is weed infiltration causing fusion of the motors.

The project was completed with the new Otterbine Giant Fountains installed in October 2015 after many months of consultation, recommendations, designs and Shire approval processes.
Northam Otterbine Fountain
The Solution
Clearpond provided recommendations for two Otterbine 15HP Giant Fountain units to be installed for this project and these were recommended based on their unique features that suited this site which included:

- Unique Launching System: Wheeled launching system eliminates the need for cranes during installation in most applications.
- Adjustable float: Float ballasts allow adjustment for water level flotation and reduces float visibility in the water.
- Corrosion resistant: able to include Zinc Anodes to the units.
- Comprehensive Warranty: All-inclusive 2-year warranty.
- Shallow operating depth: Horizontal platform allows operation in depths as shallow as 1 metre of water.
- Customised options: LED lights sets were included for each unit for viewing the fountains at night.
Otterbine FountainOtterbine Fountain
Product Illustration:
Special polyethylene float allows for easy height adjustment to make it less visible in the water.

1- High quality Grundfos pump and Franklin 3450/2875 RPM motor ensure years of corrosion resistant, trouble-free run time and little maintenance.
2- Large centre wheels assist installation and removal eliminating the need for cranes and hoists in most applications.
3- Removable stainless steel intake screen allows for easy cleaning in the water and protects pump from debris.
4- Removable stainless steel intake screen allows for cleaning in the water and protects pump from debris.

Otterbine 15HP Giant Fountain Triad
First impressions do matter and that is why Otterbine designed the Giant Fountain line. This product is often specified by landscape architects for premier locations whenever a dramatic focus to a water feature is desired. Resorts, amusement parks, and corporate headquarters around the world select these systems based on their beauty, versatility and quality.

Triad Otterbine Fountain


15 HP

Spray Height (m)

Upper: 11.6

Middle: 5.8

Lower: 3

Spray Diameter (m)

Upper: 15cm

Middle: 10.7

Lower: 10.7





The Team
All Pumps and Water Boring
Shire of Northam, WA Town of Northam, WA

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