Otterbine at RainForeStation

Otterbine 3HP Aerating Fountain with Tri-Star, RainForeStation Queensland


Otterbine 3Hp Aerating Fountain
In 2016, Clearpond was asked to supply a decorative fountain that would create an eye catching water feature display in the lake at the entrance of the RainForeStation Nature Park in Far North Queensland.
The General Manager of the RainForeStation Nature Park, Christopher Grantham, ideally wanted a multi-tiered floating fountain that had the ability to shoot water up to 5 metres into the air.

Otterbines range of decorative fountains provided Christopher with a vast range of water spray effects for him to choose from with the decision being made to install the 3 HP Otterbine Aerating Fountain with Tri-Star pattern and 4 LED light set on the half acre lake.

The benefit of installing a decorative fountain is that it not only provides beauty to the landscape but the aeration created in the water display will also help the lake by reducing algae and weeds, reduction of any odour and the added oxygen also helps the lake break down excess nutrient.

Clearpond spoke with Christopher a few months after installation about how the fountain was working and what effect it was having on the lake and he was very pleased with not only the dramatic effect of the fountain and the positive comments from the park’s visitors but he was also very happy with the improved water quality of the lake.
Otterbine 3Hp Aerating Fountain
Otterbine 3Hp Aerating Fountain
Otterbine 3Hp Aerating Fountain


Product Information: - Otterbine 3Hp Aerator with Tri-Star pattern

The elegant beauty of the Tristar’s three-tiered pattern offers an excellent solution for those seeking to enhance their water feature. Our aerating fountains should not be confused with floating fountains. These surface spray aerators are engineered to provide results and although they create attractive displays, selection should be based off their performance when desiring the benefits of aeration. Offering both function and beauty these units operate in as little as 75cm of water and all of the spray patterns are interchangeable.



50Hz 1HP* 2HP* 3HP* 5HP
Spray Height (m) Upper:   3.0
Middle:   1.8
Lower:   0.9

Upper:   4.0
Middle:   2.4
Lower:   1.2

Upper:    4.6
Middle:   3.2
Lower:   2.0
Upper:   4.6
Middle:   3.2
Lower:   2.0
Spray Diameter (m) Upper:   0.6
Middle:   2.7
Lower:   4.0
Upper:   0.6
Middle:   3.0
Lower:   5.2
Upper:    0.9
Middle:   3.8
Lower:   6.1
Upper:   0.9
Middle:   3.8
Lower:   6.1
 m3/hr 32.4 45.3 59.3 59.3
Voltage: 230 230 230   -   400 400
Phase: 1 1 1      -     3  3
Amp: 8.3 12.6 13.5  -     4   4
   2875 rpm @ 50Hz                                                                          


Otterbine 3hp Aerating Fountain

Testimonial - RainForeStation Nature Park
“RainForeStation Nature Park is celebrating its 40th year of operation this year and we thought what better way to mark the occasion by installing a commemorative fountain in our lake. The fountain was purchased to beautify the front lake and to make an impressive entry for our customers”. “It’s aeration benefits are also becoming more noticeable as the water seems a lot clearer and the weed problem we were experiencing has reduced dramatically”.

Christopher Grantham
RainForeStation Nature Park
1030 Kennedy Highway Kuranda QLD 4881
Phone: (07) 4093 9033


The Team

RainForeStation Nature Park
RainForeStation Nature Park

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