Otterbine at Burswood Casino Resort

Otterbine 5HP Sunburst Aerating Fountain - Burswood Crown Resort Casino WA


Otterbine 5Hp Burswood Casino Resort
In early 2016, Clearpond was approached by Hydroquip Pumps & Irrigation to supply an Otterbine 5HP Sunburst Aerating Fountain with LED lights for the new lake in front of the Burswood Crown Towers Resort Casino.

Both Hydroquip Pumps & Irrigation and Burswood Crown Towers Resort Casino are long time Otterbine supporters having a number of existing units in service that have provided trouble-free performance which ensures that Otterbine remains their go-to choice for lake aeration and spectacular fountain displays.
A new water fountain was required as a manmade lake had recently been completed at the entrance to the Burswood Resort Casino and management wanted a display to not only aerate the lake but to also provide a spectacular welcome to the resort’s entrance.

Correspondence with Mike Higgs from Hydroquip in conjunction with the Burswood Resort Casino saw that due to their previous positive experiences with Otterbine fountains that once again, Otterbine was chosen as the ideal fountain for this lake. 
Otterbine 5Hp Burswood Casino Resort

Burswood Resort Casino has had their other Otterbine units in operation in both their resort and golf course for many years, some for over 10 years without any problems and they have steadily been replacing their other failed units over to the Otterbine fountain range; thanks to Otterbines proven reliability and performance, it is their proven choice. 
The aerating fountain unit will not only assist in the aesthetics and sound of the lake but also aids in the health of the water body by increasing dissolved oxygen levels and reducing algae and weeds in the lake. The client was also able to add LED lights to the fountain to illuminate the fountain and the lake at night.


Product Information: - Otterbine 5Hp Aerating Fountain with Sunburst pattern


  1. High-tech thermal plastic pumping chambers are staged to allow for easy interchange.
  2. Rugged low visibility closed cell foam filled includes handles and protective pockets for lights when applicable.
  3. Mixed flow pumping systems achieves maximum pumping capacities.
  4. Electrical quick disconnect is part of the upper plate to prevent damage
  5. Industrial strength thermal plastic screen helps keep debris out of the unit.
  6. Oil cooled, efficient 3450/2875 RPM custom built motor incorporates a g-type seal to ensure dependability and long life.
  7. Corrosion resistant, durable 18 gauge/316 grade stainless steel motor housing.
Otterbine 5Hp Burswood Casino Resort


50Hz 1HP* 2HP* 3HP* 5HP
Spray Height (m) 1.2


2.9 3.2
Spray Diameter (m) 5 7.3 8.6 11.6
 m3/hr 114.4 138.1 167.2 237.3
Voltage: 230 230 230   -   400 400
Phase: 1 1 1      -     3  3
Amp: 8.3 12.6 13.5  -     4   7
   2875 rpm @ 50Hz                                                                          
Otterbine 5Hp Burswood Casino Resort


Otterbine Aerating Fountains
The Concept 3 Aerating Fountains have been designed and engineered by expert craftsman to provide a high quality, ease of use product that delivers results.

Otterbine LED Low Voltage Light Systems are energy efficient, versatile and cost effective. These light sets operate a 6.5W bulb that is available in a bright white (5700K) or warm white (3000K) flood lamp, and offer 80% energy savings over traditional MR16 halogen lamps. Manufactured from corrosion resistant thermal plastics our LED light systems come in 2, 4, 6 and 8-light configurations and are recommended for all 1/2HP through 10HP aeration and fountain systems. Add lights to your Otterbine to accentuate the pattern and create beautiful displays to be enjoyed after dark.
Fountain Glo™ MR16 LED Low Voltage Features Include:
  • Energy Efficient:
    Otterbine LED lights offer 80% savings over traditional MR16 halogen; with each lamp pulling less than 0.1 Amps.
  • Cost Effective:
    These light sets operate off a DC Power Supply, versus an AC transformer, allowing for cleaner power and longer cable runs - with smaller gauge cable.
  • Corrosion Resistant:
    Manufactured from non-corrosive thermoplastics lights are able to operate in brackish and effluent conditions.
  • Extended Life:
    MR16 LED bulbs generate almost no heat or ultraviolet output with extended bulb life exceeding 35000+ hours.


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Hydroquip Pumps & Irrigation
Burswood Crown Resort Casino

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