Otterbine and Sentinel in Dural

Otterbine giant fountain with triad nozzle and sentinel deluxe Aeration Station 16000 - Sydney


Otterbine Giant Fountain - Dural
Clearpond in conjunction with David Ting “The Garden Guide” were asked to recommend a suitable fountain/aeration device to not only make the client’s residential dam clearer and healthier but to also provide an attractive fountain display for the client, their guests and visitors to the property.

The client’s dam is purely rain-runoff dependent and therefore subject to extended periods of stagnant water. With an annual heavy load of organic matter such as leaves, nuts and pollen from the gum trees surrounding the dam the recommendation was for the installation of a fountain and sub-surface aeration which would agitate and oxygenate the water allowing for sludge and debris decomposition by bacteria producing a cleaner and clearer dam.
The Solution
Due to the spectacular location and view of the dam from the residential premises on the property, it was an ideal opportunity to install a magnificent fountain display which would also provide substantial aeration to the dam.

In agreement with the client, the Otterbine Giant Fountain with a Triad nozzle was selected which would be run intermittently in conjunction with a Sentinel 16,000 Deluxe Aeration Station powering four double air diffusers running 24 hours a day.
The diffusers were equally spaced around the dam increasing aerobic activity in the dam in turn reducing the nutrient build up from the historically high organic load. The dam edges were also cleaned and excavated to remove excess sludge to achieve healthy, clear water suitable for paddle boarding and other recreational activities.
Otterbine Giant Fountain - Dural

Product Information - Otterbine Giant Fountain with Triad Pattern
Special polyethylene float allows for easy height adjustment to make it less visible in the water.
1- High quality Grundfos pump and Franklin 3450/2875 RPM motor ensure years of corrosion-resistant, trouble-free run time and little maintenance.
2- Large centre wheels assist installation and removal eliminating the need for cranes and hoists in most applications.
3- Removable stainless steel intake screen allows for easy cleaning in the water and protects pump from debris.
4- Removable stainless steel intake screen allows for cleaning in the water and protects pump from debris.

Otterbine Giant Fountain - Dural
Otterbine 25HP Giant Fountain Triad
First impressions do matter and that is why Otterbine designed the Giant Fountain line. This product is often specified by landscape architects for premier locations whenever a dramatic focus to a water feature is desired. Resorts, amusement parks, and corporate headquarters around the world select these systems based on their beauty, versatility and quality.

Triad Otterbine Fountain



Spray Height (m)

Upper: 14.3

Middle: 7.30

Lower: 3.70

Spray Diameter (m)

Upper: 15.0cm

Middle: 12.2

Lower: 12.2





View of the nozzle formation within the outer float. The float has the ability to be sunk lower so that it is barely visible on the surface.
Otterbine Triad Pattern
The Giant Otterbine Fountain in operation.

Otterbine Giant Fountain - Dural


Product Information: - Sentinel Deluxe Aeration Station 16000
The Sentinel 16000 Deluxe Aeration Station is ideal for dams and lakes where aeration is required to provide oxygen to the deep areas of the water body to solve any thermal stratification issues as well as enable sludge eating bacteria to thrive in the now oxygen rich deeper layers of the lake provided by the air diffusers. As the 16,000 set comes complete with four double air diffusers it is perfect for lakes where there is not only varying depths but also a large surface area ensuring an even oxygen content throughout the lake.

Each system is a complete, easy to install package with a deluxe lockable cabinet complete with air compressor already installed, a cooling fan already installed and an electrical box/outlet already mounted and ready for you to connect the incoming power line to the compressor and cooling fan. Every compressor comes with a multi-valve outlet assembly, pressure relief valve and a pressure gauge and it is just a matter of simply setting the cabinet in the desired location, installing the air diffusers and connecting the Self Weighted PVC Airline. As each installation will require differing amounts of airline, Clearpond does not include any Self Weighted PVC Airline with the system, this can be cut to length when the system is ordered.

Sentinel Deluxe Aeration 16000
This system will improve water quality and clarity, improves Oxygen levels and increase bacterial action and will also eliminate thermal stratification – the mixing action of the diffusers creates more uniform water temperatures and promotes healthier fish.

1. Improvement of water quality and clarity.
2. Improved Oxygen levels.
3. Increased bacterial action.
4. Eliminates thermal stratification - Mixing action creates more uniform water temperatures.
5. Promote healthier fish.



Aerates Max Pond / Lake
Size up to:
4000 Sets
12000 Sets
16000 Sets
 2.5m Deep 1000m2  3000m2  4000m2 
 3.5m Deep  2000m2  6000m2  8000m2
 5m Deep  4000m2  12000m2  16000m2




The Team
Clearpond and The Garden Guide

David Ting and the property owner Nick

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