Oase Air Flo in Carlton Gardens

Oase Air Flo installation in Carlton Gardens – Melbourne


Oase Air Flow in Carlton Gardens
In April 2011 Clearpond provided a temporary display in the Carlton Gardens Lake as part of the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show(MIFGS). The display consisted of the Oase Pond Jets for decoration as well as the new Oase AirFlo aeration unit.

Over the 5 days of MIGFS the water quality improvement was noticed by Citywide who were the maintenance contractors for Melbourne City Council. This was an old lake with years of sediment build up which had recently been dredged, but due to the birdlife in the lake and the lack of movement had continual issues with green and turbid water as well odour issues from time to time.
The Solution
Clearpond provided and installed 2 x Oase AirFlo 1.5kw 400v units to aerate and improve the Dissolved Oxygen levels in the lake as well as providing a nice visual fountain effect. Once anchored to the bottom of the lake the Oase Air Flo units were put onto a timer to run 12 hours a day, with improvements in water quality noticed within days including improvement in the depth visibility..
Oase Air Flow in Carlton Gardens
Oase Air Flow in Carlton Gardens
Oase Air Flow in Carlton Gardens
Product Information
The AirFlo is a high performance aerator and decorative floating fountain in one and is available in a 1.5kw 240V motor or a 4kw 400v motor.

The AirFlo units are fast and easy to install and include 50m of power cable and fastening materials for added value. An optional lighting kit is available to provide an impressive display at night.

Oase Air Flow in Carlton Gardens
The Team
Citywide Melbourne City Council

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