Natural swim ponds and natural pools offer a chlorine free alternative to the traditional pool, Clearpond supply swim ponds and swim pond equipment allowing you can enjoy the health benefit of swimming in a clean and clear pool in your own backyard.


Natural swimming pools that use fish pond technology to create a freshwater swimming zone without the use of chemicals can be a wonderful alternative to the traditional heavily chlorinated pools found throughout Australia. Popular in Europe, natural swimming pools blend in with the environment and rely on the correct balance of aquatic plants, micro-organisms, mechanical & biological filtration, flow rate & UV to clean and purify the pool.


Pumps & Accessories

Choosing the right pump can save you both time and money. We offer a selection of pumps that will provide years of operation with minimal maintenance and low power consumption. We've got pumps to suit any application so take your time and select the best pump for your intended use. All of our pumps are designed to be safely used in ponds and water features and have passed all relevant safety standards.


Water Filtration

These pressure filter sets consist of one Biopress pressure filter each, with integrated UVC and a matching filter/watercourse pump with all necessary hose connections for quick assembly. This filter maintenance is easy using the cleaning function built into the filter.


Pond, Dam & Lake Liners

Liner provides a strong, flexible, easy to use method of construction. With applications that include, garden ponds, containment dams, commercial aquaculture facilities, lakes, industrial waste water containment, stormwater retention ponds as well as irrigation channels.