To help you find the right water treatments that best suit your situation, we have separated them into three categories below, although they can also be mixed and matched to suit.

Water treatments for new ponds; if you are setting up a new pond, adding more fish, cleaning your filter or simply doing a water change then please click this link for recommended products to use in your pond “Treatments for New Ponds”. 

Water treatments for existing ponds; for the treatment of green water algae, string or hair algae, algae on waterfalls and sludge build-up, please click this “Treatments for Existing Ponds”.

Water feature treatments; for the treatment of algae and cloudy water of water features without fish and plants, please click on this “Treatments for Water Features

Clearpond Water Treatments

The Clearpond range of water treatments are designed to help you get the best out of your pond or water feature. These products can help control algae to harmful sludge, start up a new biological filters or boost an existing filtration system.