Water misters, water jets, pond lighting, water fountains and sprays, as well as solar water fountains, dancing fountains and jumping jets, all offer exciting possibilities to add more effects to your pond and water feature. 

Easy to install and in some cases remote controlled to your own design, the addition of fountain technology equipment can turn a still pond into a dynamic display!

Lake Management

Wherever people use bodies of water intensively we help nature to regenerate itself, and thus enable sustainable, good water quality. Innovative products for creative design. Bodies of water include Golf courses, Modern Architecture, Zoo's, Fish Hatchery, Recreational Lakes and Ponds.


Lighting & Misters

Lighting takes your water garden from a feature during the day to a focal point of your garden at night. Lighting and Misters can be used to accent design features of your water garden and surrounding areas and create an ambience that can be calming or dramatic depending on intensity and positioning.


Pumps & Accessories

Choosing the right pump can save you both time and money. We offer a selection of pumps that will provide years of operation with minimal maintenance and low power consumption. We've got pumps to suit any application so take your time and select the best pump for your intended use. All of our pumps are designed to be safely used in ponds and water features and have passed all relevant safety standards.