Clearpond Aquafalls Vortex Filter


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The Vortex Solids Filter can be installed in many different applications. It’s universal design makes it the perfect filter for almost any type of filter design.

  • Prefilter and aerator on waterfall filter applications. Separates solids, fine particulate mechanical filter and aerates bio-media.
  • Remote waterfall filter. Filled with biological media, this unit works like any other waterfall filter. It’s cone shaped bottom makes cleaning easy. Placed away from the pond, this filter is easy to conceal.
  • Vortex solids separator. At 16,500 litres per hour or less, the Vortex Filter is a great solids separator. Cone shaped bottom is easy to clean. Fine filter mat ensures 100% capture of debris.
  • Needs to be located within 1 metre of the waterfall filter.
As part of a Waterfall filter system The Vortex Solids Filter was designed to improve the performance, and ease the maintenance chores of typical waterfall filters. The Vortex Solids Filter does this by first providing proper pre-filtering. This is accomplished in the Vortex Filter by solids separation and fine particulate mechanical filtration.

More information can be found in the Installation PDF below.
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Dimensions (mm) L x W x H 725 x 575 x 900mm


  • CP_Vortex_Installation_Instructions.pdf DOWNLOAD

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Clearpond Aquafalls Vortex Filter click to enlarge
Clearpond Aquafalls Vortex Filter click to enlarge


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