22525 RainbowStarJumpingJet addon02

Oase Jumping Jet - add on

The Add-on set can only be operated in addition to an existing Jumping Jet Rainbow Star Set

22527 RainbowStarJumpingJet03

Oase Jumping Jet - Basic Set

Water jets magically shoot through the air in broad arcs and disappear, just as unexpectedly as they appeared – Jumping Jet systems are the attraction...

22307 WaterJetLightning

Oase Water Jet Lightning

Magical water/ light effects in radiant rainbows attract attention and are exciting through an abundance of colour variations. The duo of two "Water J...

22168 WaterQuintetCreative

Oase Water Quintet Creative

Luminous water jets that appear out of nowhere. Radiant, leaping fountains with an ever-changing appearance – fascinating entertainment in the residen...