Small Waterfall Pond SWP-008


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This waterfall is approx. 6.5 kg in weight and 750 x 890 x 455 mm in size, has a required flow rate of 800 - 1000 Litres per hour.(Recommended pumps Aquagarden Mako 1000, Oase Aquarius Fountain Set 1000-(submersible only).)
19 mm fitting size and 19 mm tube size.

This small self-contained unit, is suitable for any small corner area. Needing only a moment of your time to set up and enjoy this petite tranquil waterfall. Product is exposed at the back - please see stock images.

The readymade waterfalls and fountains, come complete with their water outlet fittings already installed in the waterfall, all you need to do is push your tubing on one end and push the other end of the tubing onto your pump. These waterfalls have all been water tested and are ready to go.

We suggest adding real rocks of matching colour to the waterfall, this will help disperse the water as it comes out. By placing other real rocks and pebbles you can channel or redirect the water to flow over the waterfall as desired.< br>
Our lightweight products give you the ability to create what nature does naturally. This is often very hard to achieve with real rocks, due to their weight. Have a balanced landscape full of variety, use large and small rocks in your garden, as with tall and low plants, this will help in creating the various dimensions in a garden that make it an inspiring experience.

Note: Does not include fittings.
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Dimensions (mm) L x W x H 750 x 890 x 455

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Small Waterfall Pond SWP-008 click to enlarge
Small Waterfall Pond SWP-008 click to enlarge