Aquagarden SolarFree 1000C


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980 lph, 1.0m max. head 8w max. power voltage, 12v max current 667mA

The Aquagarden Solarfree pump, solar panel and fountain kit sets are ideal for small ponds and water features where no power point is available. They also include a telescopic fountain riser with a secondary T-piece outlet. The Calyx and Bell style fountain attachments are easily removed for cleaning.

Please take note on which model interests you as:
Solarfree 1000C comes with solar pump, panel and fountain set including water volume control in the "C" range

The Aquagarden Solarfree offers a 2 year guarantee.(excluding batteries and parts subject to wear and tear)

  • The Solarfree Supreme 800C and 1600C models come with battery backup units.
  • The battery feature is used as a backup and will run from 1.5 hours to 9 hours depending on the setting selected.
  • The charging time of the battery is 6 hours every day in full sun.
  • The Solarfree range does not provide 24 hour a day power.
  • The Supreme models come with an LED fountain kit.
  • Solarfree models in the "C" range include water volume control
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Power Consumption (watt) 8
Turnover rate max. (l/h) 980
Head of water max.(m) 1
Connection Cable (m) 5
Guarantee (excl. wearing parts) 2 year
Operating Cost 18.89
Dry Installable N
Pump Outlet Size 20mm


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