Decorus Fibra Planters

The beauty of authenticity. Decorus Planters bring an individual, modern look to any garden. With the highest quality material and a keen sense of design, colours and finishes. These lightweight ready to use planters are a must in any garden.


Decorus Stoneware Planters

Decorus Stoneware Planters provide authentic looking classic designs, with advances in colouring and textural finishes that will inspire you’re home or garden. This range of Decorus Stoneware has exceptionally modern designs without sacrificing integrity or quality.


Decorus Stoneware Lifestyle

Decorus Stoneware products are a highly sort after furniture design due to their contemporary look and also being long lasting they will provide enjoyment for many years. With a specialised type of concrete called Filament Engineered Stoneware (FES) that enhances the flexural and tensile strength of the concrete.