Otterbine GF Unit 25HP 415/3/50 WITH PCC


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Otterbine's Giant Fountain range features five decorative patterns available in 10HP, 15HP and 25HP systems.
This product is often specified by landscape architects for premier locations whenever a dramatic focus to a landscape water feature is desired. Resorts, amusement parks, and corporate headquarters around the world select these floating fountain systems based on their beauty, versatility and quality.

First impressions do matter and that is why Otterbine designed the Giant Fountain range. This fountain allows for shallow operating depths of only 1m, while larger wheels on the frame improve mobility and eliminate the need for hoists and cranes in most instances. The unit is manufactured from corrosion resistant materials and has a unique screening system that allows debris to be cleaned without taking the unit from the water.
  • Wheeled launching system eliminates the need for cranes during installation in most applications.
  • Float ballasts allow you to adjust for level flotation and float visibility in the water.
  • Able to operate in brackish conditions with 316 st/st upgrade.
  • Horizontal platform allows operation in 40in or 1m of water.
  • Optional Accessories - Fountain Glo High Voltage and Par 64 light sets, wind controls, soft start, and Sub-monitor motor controls for increased motor life.

This product is the Giant Fountain unit only
    The full Otterbine Giant Fountain consist of:
  • Otterbine Giant fountain unit.
  • Giant fountain head / pattern
  • Optional Lighting
  • Cable

There are three different Otterbine aeration systems, the aerating fountains, industrial aerators and diffused air system - Each with unique features that should be reviewed when determining the needs of your water feature. Our aeration systems are widely used throughout the world to effectively manage the water quality of ponds, lakes and dams.
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