Running Cost

Running Cost

Running Cost Calculator

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Electric usage is measured in kilowatt-hours.
1 watt-hour is the equivalent of 1 watt of power used for 1 hour.
1 kilowatt-hour is the equivalent of 1000 watt-hours used for 1 hour

Three values are needed to calculate the cost to use an appliance:
  • - The power rating or wattage of the appliance. This is found on the appliance e.g. 50W or 1800W.

  • - The time the appliance is switched on in hours (or minutes ÷ 60)

  • - The cost per KWh.

  • 1. Appliance wattage ÷ 1000 = kilowatts (kW)

  • 2. Kilowatts × (time appliance is switched on in hours) = kilowatt hours (kWh)

  • 3. Kilowatt hours × cost per KWh is what you pay for that appliance to run.

Example 1:

AQUAGARDEN Mako 2500 (44 watts) on for 24 hours where the cost per KWh for electricity = 24.88¢ (.2488)

(44 ÷ 1000) × 24 = 1.056 kWh used 1.056kWh × 24.88¢ = 26.27 cents

This means that it costs 26.27 cents to use a AQUAGARDEN Mako 2500 (44 watts) for 24 hours.

Example 2:

OASE Aquarius 2500 (40 watts) on for 24 hours where the cost per KWh for electricity = 24.88¢ (.2488)

(40 ÷ 1000) × 24 = 0.96 kWh used 0.96kWh × 24.88¢ =23.88 cents

This means that it costs 23.88 cents

As you can see, using a low energy pump in place of an ordinary pump will save you 2.39 cents every 24 hour period your pump is on...

Multiply this for a year's worth of running and you are saving $8.50 dollars per year.

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