Head Height

Head Height Calculator

This Head Height Calculator will help you determine your Total Dynamic Head (TDH) and knowing your (TDH) will give you the correct flow rate you will need from a pond pump in order to produce the flow rate you desire.

When choosing a pump, you may already know how many litres per minute you require. Although there are other factors that can lower a pumps flow rate, that maybe overlooked. Taking into consideration the hose diameter, the length of the pipe used as well as the elevation, these all impact on the pumps flow rate. Knowing your Total Dynamic Head (TDH) will make sure your purchase is the correct one.

  • Enter the flow rate you require at the top of your feature, watercourse or spillway.
  • Enter the hose diameter.
  • Enter the length of the pipe.
  • Enter the height of the elevation.


Measure the vertical distance from the surface of the pond water, to the point at which the water enters the top of the watercourse.


Other information required to calculate the Total Dynamic Head (TDH) includes the length and diameter of the pipe leading from the pump to the outlet at the top of the watercourse.

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