Pondless Water Feature

Illusions Pondless Waterfall

One of the latest trends in water features and garden design is the new Illusions Pondless Waterfalls; featuring the attraction and calming effect of a waterfall but without a pond!

Pondless Waterfalls are easily setup and maintained and as they don't require a pond and they are child safe. The Illusions Pondless Waterfalls can also be integrated into your gutter down pipe for rain water harvesting.

When setting up your Pondless feature the normal considerations apply, such as access to power, overhanging trees, tree roots and underground utilities. Once the site has been selected, you can begin to design your creek bed or waterfall; whether you would like a gentle, meandering English stream, a rushing river or Niagara Falls, it is all possible and easy to set up.

Using your creativity, you can create your own Pondless water feature.

Clearpond - Pondless Waterfall

Pond liner

Clearpond - Pondless Waterfall

Once you have established the design of your creek bed or waterfall, pond liner underlay should be placed over the area and then a suitably thick pond liner placed on top, this is to prevent seepage into the ground from your water feature. Boulders, rocks and pebbles can be carefully placed on the liner and arranged into position; if your Pondless feature is to be setup as a waterfall, it would be a good idea to test your arrangement with a hose first to check that the waterfall gives you the designed flow and that it doesn't splash outside your designated area. Once you are happy with your arrangement concrete it into place.

Clearpond Black Waterfall Foam can also be used to fill in gaps between rocks, this will help to prevent water going under the rocks instead of over them!

Clearpond - Pondless Waterfall

Installing a Clearpond Water Diffuser at the top of the creek or waterfall is highly recommended as this slows the water flow down as it enters the top of the creek and allows the water to flow evenly down the feature.

The reservoir can be installed at the same time as you are setting up your creek, the hole when dug, should be relatively square or rectangular and designed to evenly hold the amount of WaterQubes as required.

If the area you have is limited in surface area then you can simply dig deeper to house more WaterQubes, just make sure you have easy access to your pump for maintenance. Once the hole is dug, pond liner underlay and pond liner can be laid into the hole and the WaterQube reservoirs, StormSumps and Pump Vaults can be added at this time. Remember to leave excess underlay and liner so that it can be folded back across the top of the WaterQubes forming a fully contained reservoir.

For supplementary filtration and to provide a smooth filter to waterfall transition a Clearpond Aquafalls can be used instead of the Water Diffuser, the Aquafalls will filter your water feature and can also be discreetly hidden so as not to interfere with the look of the water feature. The Aquafalls are available in three sizes and are suitable for decorative ponds with no fish of up to 80,000 litres!

Once the reservoir is complete, rocks and pebbles can be placed over the reservoir, a section of pond liner and underlay should be cut out to allow the water from the creek to enter the reservoir. A good way to check the height of the water level is to install a vertical PVC pipe into the reservoir. Cut slits or holes into the pipe, and place a ping pong ball inside, the ball will float up or down enabling you to easily check the water level to let you know when to top up your feature. The pipe can be positioned at ground level, just place a rock over it to hide it and check as necessary. The pump and an appropriate sized pipe to connect the pump to the top of the water feature can now be installed. The pipe can be hidden into the garden once the feature is completed.

Clearpond - Pondless Waterfall
Clearpond - Pondless Waterfall

We hope this guide has helped you build the pond of your dreams. We have attached a quick video to show you the outcome of one of the many pondless water features that were built using the above products.

Now you can explore the rest of the website and learn about the products and techniques that will help you maintain your pond and keep it looking as good as it did when you first built it.