Lake Management Services Provided

We are pleased to provide a range of on-site consultancy & on-site after sales services including: 

  • On-site aquatic consultancy (Domestic, Commercial & Industrial).
  • Design assistance & problem solving for industrial, commercial and domestic installations.
  • Aquatic disease identification.
  • Algae & aquatic weed identification and eradication solutions.
  • On-going recommendations and advice.
  • Assistance in clearing muddy dams.
  • Recommendation of long term solutions not “band-aid fixes”.
  • Fish death prevention.
  • Mosquito and midge reduction and control.
  • Management of lake nutrient.
  • Lake aeration and fountain specification.
  • Prevention of “Thermal Stratification”.
  • Recommendations for increasing dissolved oxygen (DO) in the lake.
  • Elimination of lake smells and preventing stagnant lakes.

Otterbine Fractional Aerators

Small ponds of less than 1/2 an acre are ideal for the installation of the Otterbine range of fractional aerators, these ponds provide both beauty and function to both residential and commercial properties and require the addition of aeration devices that their larger counterparts require. Aeration will not only ease excessive aquatic vegetation growth and reduction of odour but the fractional range will provide a stunning water feature as well!


Otterbine Aerating fountains

Otterbine produces the finest quality aerating fountains. These units should not be confused with floating fountains, these surface spray aerators are engineered to provide results. Whether it's the pond in your backyard, irrigation lake on a golf course or farm, a retention pond in your community - anywhere you are looking to improve your water quality and perhaps create some aesthetic appeal.


Otterbine Giant fountains

Otterbine's giant fountain line features five decorative patterns available in 10HP, 15HP and 25HP systems. This product is often specified by landscape architects for premier locations whenever a dramatic focus to a landscape water feature is desired. Resorts, amusement parks, and corporate headquarters around the world select these floating fountain systems based on their beauty, versatility and quality.


Otterbine Industrial Aerating

Otterbine surface and sub-surface industrial aeration systems provide unique solutions to managing water quality, from low profile patterns to horizontal mixers and can be used in a variety of applications. Our experience in wastewater treatment is obvious in the performance and results delivered by these surface and sub-surface industrial aeration systems.


Keeton Solaer Aeration Systems

Keeton Industries patented range of “Solaer” solar powered lake aeration systems are one of a kind. The energy efficient design allows them to be deployed anywhere and provides all the benefits of a standard aeration system without the need for power.


Clearpond Subair

Subair aerators are efficient, affordable and safe for circulating and adding oxygen to either your pond, dam or lake. Subsurface aeration is designed to release bubbles at the bottom of the water body, as they rise the contact between the water and the bubble will result in an oxygen transfer.


Clearpond Floating Ftn Heads

Using this fountain head you can build your own fountain by simply connecting your existing pump to it. The fountain head has a 41 centimetre diameter high density float and decorative float cover.


Treatments Dams & Lakes

The use of naturally occurring powdered or liquid live bacteria and enzymes in conjunction with aeration devices is exceptionally beneficial to your lake or dam by reducing sediment and improving the lakes water clarity.


Windmill Aeration

These wind driven aerators replace the need for electrical units. Ideal for aerating remote ponds, dams or lakes where electricity may not be available. Windmills can be placed up to 250 metres away from the water’s edge if need be. In a few short years these systems can pay for themselves in power savings