Clearpond offer a  range of garden water features and outdoor water features including urns, statues, bowls, and ornaments .

Our water features are constructed of long lasting materials such as moulded resin, GRC (Fibreglass Reinforced Concrete) and Filament Engineered Stoneware (FES).

Easy to install and environmentally friendly, you will be able to find the perfect water feature for your garden, office or courtyard.

Water Features

Water features are an easy way to liven up any indoor or outdoor space. They are easy to install and provide the soothing relaxing sound of moving water. Our lightweight pieces come in a range of different sizes and materials from old world classical styles to modern, contemporary architectural water features.



Decorating your pool, pond or water feature with a spillway or fountain provides a stunning effect that is easy to install. There are options to add rain effect, LED lighting (Blue, White or Multi) and optic fibre lighting. With these products you can create beautiful, unique and innovative water features today


Preformed Ponds

These ponds are suitable for a variety of uses from formal ponds with statues and fountains to reservoirs for sheer descents and waterwalls. Pre-formed ponds come in a range of different sizes and materials (Fibreglass, HMWPE – high molecular weight polyethylene and HDPE - high density polyethylene). They are easy to install and are ideal for the DIY handyman.


Pond Sealers

Pond Sealants are ideal for water features, ponds, retaining walls, planter boxes and tanks. Concrete ponds must be sealed to prevent lime leaching into pond and affecting its water chemistry. A good pond sealer will put a physical barrier between the concrete and water and be easy to apply.


Universal Rocks

From backyard ponds and waterfalls, swimming pool waterfalls, rock aquarium backgrounds and pet reptile enclosures; Universal Rocks is the leading global manufacturer of lightweight artificial rock products. Universal Rocks are super strong, lightweight & tough. They have proven themselves over many years to not fade or be damaged by our harsh Australian sun.


Pumps & Accessories

Choosing the right pump can save you both time and money. We offer a selection of pumps that will provide years of operation with minimal maintenance and low power consumption. We've got pumps to suit any application so take your time and select the best pump for your intended use. All of our pumps are designed to be safely used in ponds and water features and have passed all relevant safety standards.