Otterbine Aerators & Floating Fountains: USA

Since the first Otterbine Fountain was invented by Dick Ott in 1952, Otterbine Barebo Inc have been the world leader in Lake Management, Lake & Pond aeration, Industrial water Aeration, Industrial Mixing Systems & Waste water aeration.

Ongoing rigorous performance & safety testing ensures only the highest quality, efficient & reliable products are delivered to our customers. Supported by the most inclusive warranties. Otterbine provides the largest range of aerating fountains available to the world market today.

There are literally thousands of Otterbine water aeration & mixing products operating in lakes, dams, and industrial facilities throughout Australia & New Zealand. In conjunction with Clearpond, Otterbine provides prudent owners of large bodies of water on going servicing, project consultancy and water testing services.

Fractional Series:
The fractional series offers 5 systems in 1! Each unit includes 4 spray patterns and a horizontal mixer. The Deluxe system is available with L.E.D lights. Ideal for the larger garden pond, small lakes or wherever a decorative floating display is required.

Aeration Line:
While decorative fountains provide effective aeration, the simple beauty of the Sunburst, Gemini & Saturn units is created through an open-throat impellor design that allows them to move over three times more water than decorative patterns. These systems offer the best solution to those searching for an attractive display with the capability to manage severe aquatic environments.

Decorative Line:
Featuring eight patterns that are built upon staged pumping chambers, these systems are designed to create intricate, striking displays. The decorative line is ideal for those desiring a “fountain like” display with the additional benefit of aeration.

Industrial Aerator / Surface:
The most powerful surface spray aerator, the High Volume is ideal for managing severe aquatic environments including effluent and other high nutrient ponds, lakes & dams. The units dense, low profile pattern also limits evaporation, making it popular in locations that experience high temperatures or where users are concerned with drifting sprays.

Industrial Aerator / Sub Surface:
Each of Otterbine’s sub-surface industrial aerators are available in the Triton floating or Sub-Triton subsurface configurations. The mixers are ideal for shallow areas and wherever horizontal flow is needed; while the Aspirator transfers oxygen from the water’s surface into the water column through a venturi tube, creating no surface spray.

Giant Fountains:
First impressions do matter and that is why Otterbine created their Giant Fountain line. The Giant Fountain range is often specified by landscape architects for premier locations whenever dramatic focus to a water feature is desired. With spray patterns throwing water up to an impressive 27 metres high, these fountains are ideal for Resorts, Amusement Parks, Corporate headquarters, golf courses or anywhere where magnificent giant fountain displays are required.

With world leading technology from Otterbine and world leading aquatic know how from Clearpond; it was a natural progression for both companies to come together for an exclusive distribution arrangement for the Australian & New Zealand markets.

Otterbine – Purely Beautiful Waterways.