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OASE Living Water: Germany

OASE – For over 65 years, OASE Living Water of Germany has manufactured in accordance with rigorous performance criteria, optimal product quality and ECO-friendly engineering. OASE has developed itself as “THE” leading brand name for water gardens & commercial fountain technology in the world.

Leaders in Pump Technology:
One of OASE’s core competencies is the manufacturing of a broad range of application specific submersible pond, fountain, waterfall & filtration pumps. From universal water feature & fountain pumps like the OASE Aquarius Universal, Oase Aquarius Fountain sets & OASE Aquarius Solar. These ranges come with a vast choice of fountain nozzles and accessories to ensure the right solution for your domestic or commercial fountain project.

In 1996, OASE introduced the world’s first application specific watercourse, waterfall & pump filters called OASE Aquamax. Since then, OASE has continued to be at the forefront of submersible pump technology with new and improved technologies for Aquamax, to provide world leading pump performance with the lowest power consumption. The range of OASE Aquamax Eco, OASE Aquamax Eco Premium, OASE Aquamax Premium 12 Volt, OASE Aquamax Dry, OASE Aquamax Gravity Eco, OASE Aquamax Eco Twin and OASE Aquamax Expert come with low maintenance characteristics, rigorous field testing and the industries longest guarantees of up to 5 years.

All OASE pumps are rated for continuous 24 hour usage and world leading lowest power consumption criteria.

Pond Filtration & Aeration:
Another core competency of OASE Living Water is high performance pond filters, Ultra Violet Light clarifiers and pond aeration equipment.

Whether you require the high performance of the OASE Biotec or OASE Biosmart biological filters, to the convenience of the OASE Filtoclear & Biopress pressure filters with integrated Ultra Violet Light technology or the OASE Filtral, 3 in 1 submersible pump, filter & UVC; OASE provides crystal clear water solutions from a tiny ornamental decorative pond to large scale koi ponds. OASE also manufacturers the OASE Bitron & OASE Vitronic, Ultra Violet Light water clarifiers that can be retrofitted to a range of OASE Filtration products.

OASE was the first water garden manufacturer to introduce a clear water guarantee on their entire filtration ranges.

Pond Pumps and Pond Filters are at the core of OASE innovation. However a broad range of products have a large global following and unsurpassed reputation. The Oase Pondovac series of pond vacuums, Swimskim surface skimmers, Lunaqua underwater lighting, AquaOxy, AquaAir, OxyTex and Airflo aeration systems are just a few of over 100 pond, water feature & lake products manufactured by OASE.

OASE continues to be at the forefront of new trends in gardening. The range of OASE Water Entertainment products provide unique visual & relaxing water effects for your garden. The Water Quintet, Water Quintet Creative, Water Trio, Water Jet lightning & Jumping Jet Rainbow Star are just a few of the products designed for the Water Entertainment category for the home & garden. These ranges introduce new exciting & vibrant water displays to your outdoor or indoor areas.

Commercial Fountain Technology:
Large scale animated water & lighting displays for hotels, shopping centres, casino’s and public open spaces can be catered for including design, manufacturing and project management. OASE’s global experience of over 60 years ensures incredible water creativity. Multi million dollar projects over many decades, throughout the world are testament to OASE’s capabilities in this field.

OASE Living Water is a truly global player with a reputation for unsurpassed innovation and excellence in design. We are proud to be their exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand and supply OASE products for home and garden, lake management, lake aeration systems and commercial fountain technology categories.

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