Clearpond : International
With a focus on the specific requirements of the Australian & New Zealand water garden & lake management markets; Clearpond products compliments our other core brands.

Home & Garden Products:
Clearpond provides high quality U.V stable PVC pond liners, EPDM Pond, Dam & Lake liners, Australian Made Water Treatments, Fountain Nozzles, Waterfall spillways, Sheer Descents with either fibre optic or L.E.D lighting options for your water feature or swimming pool, Clearpond Aquafalls Biological Filters & pump vaults, Clearpond Pond Skimmers, Clearpond Bio-Tube, Hi Volume pump pre-filters, Clearpond Bulk Filter media’s including Japanese Filter Mats, Clearpond Bottom Drains, Clearpond Pondshield sealants, Pondflex black corrugated hose, Clearpond Fish Foods, Vacuum Formed & Fibreglass preformed garden fish ponds, Clearpond Aquagrow aquatic plant fertiliser tablets, Floating aquatic plant pontoons and floats,  plus the highly respected range of Clearpond Infiniti Water Feature pumps that come with an industry leading 5 year guarantee.

Commercial & Lake Management Products:
With the increasing importance & focus of providing professional water management solutions to the industrial, commercial, golf & aquaculture industries aswell as public open gardens, Clearpond has developed a range of products field tested & specifically catering for the Australian & New Zealand climates.

Clearpond Hi Volume Sub-Surface Aeration products, Clearpond Rocking Piston & Rotary Vane air compressors, Large Water body and Lake Water Treatments, Self Weighted Air Hose, Aeration membrane diffusers, Flexible EPDM Water Holding & Water Harvesting tanks, Clearpond Giant Aquafalls waterfall filters, Clearpond Lake Series floating fountain heads and Pond & Lake dyes.

Clearpond continues to identify new and exciting trends like Illusions Pondless Waterfalls & the Clearpond Naturpond concepts that ensure all pond hardware is hidden so you only see your fish & aquatic plants, not the equipment.

Product research & development is ongoing at both our Perth Head Office & Melbourne distribution facilities. The owners of Clearpond continue to travel extensively throughout the world identifying new trends and garden styles to introduce into the Australian & New Zealand markets.

On site consultancy services can be provided in most of the populated areas of Australia.
Clearpond products are available throughout Australia & New Zealand from our extensive dealer network. We welcome export enquiries and trade enquiries from Australia & New Zealand.

Clearpond – We Work Wonders with Water.